Pari Passu



A) Raindrops B/W

B) Greek Epiphany B/W

C) Moonplay B/W

D) Copycat Color

E) Papercuts Color

F) Lights Color

G) Nightwriting Color

H) The Egg Color

I) Etcetcetcetc Color

Artist: Marie Menken

Date: 1940–62; 10 min., 16mm, Color and B/W, silent

It has been so long since I have put anything up and someone got me thinking about this blog and film tonight, so I thought I would post this work by American artist and experimental filmmaker Marie Menken (1909 - 1970).

Menken was an abstract painter who began working in the 1940s on a variety of short experimental films, all of which were marked by her lyricism and simplicity.  

This work, NOTEBOOK was assembled in ‘62/’63 from a collection of short takes compiled between ‘40 and ‘62 arranged into brief chapters.

The filmmaker Jonas Mekas wrote: “Marie was one of the first filmmakers to improvise with a camera and edit while shooting. She filmed with her entire body, her entire nervous system. You can feel Marie behind every image, how she constructed the film in tiny pieces and through the movement. The movement and the rhythm - it is this that so many of us seized upon and have developed further in our own work. … And she gave us a new beginning. She took the film - the non-narrative film, the poetic film, the language of film - in a completely new direction, away from classic filmmaking and into a new adventure.” (incidentally there is a great article about Mekas you can read HERE)